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December 21st

You might ask, what is so important to donate a dedicated post to that date.

Now, when December 21st is over in all of our timezones we find, the earth still exists. All the problems, mankind, animals and beauty of the nature are still in place. Nothing is gone.

When still wondering, why I write this post, I’ll tell you now, why this is that important.

The Maya were people living where we find Mexico now. They were well-known for their astronomical knowledge and their ability to build a certain type of pyramid, crowned with a temple donated their main god, the sun.

Because of their astronomical skills they were able to correctly calculate many star paths, eclipses and so on many centuries in advance. They also created calendars and picked them into stone. For an unknown reason, they disapeared someday in the 15th century (following the Gregorian calendar as used by the western countries) before the arrival of the Spanish conquestadores.

Scientists were able to find and decode the mayan calendar wondering, why this calendar ends on December 21st, 2012 (again following the Gregorian calendar). One possible reason, founded on their astronomical skills, assumed, this world might become destroyed (i.e. by a meteor) or so, so that there was no reason to continue the calendar.

But, we’re here and December 21st ist over. So, maybe, the calendar isn’t finished, because the chiseler got ill or the priest, responsible for calculation the next steps, got ill. Who knows.

So, “Good morning, world!”