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Throwback Thursday: a lighthouse in the forest?

Certainly, not 🙂 Lighthouses are erected at the sea to guide ships safely around cliffs and other dangers. Same is true for this one, right above the harbour entry of Port de Soller at the north coast of Mallorca.But the trees grew so much that only the upper part of the lighthouse is visible. On the other hand, nearly all lighthouses are not necessary anymore because of the electronic maps and GPS used nowadays for navigation.


Take care



landscape, photography, seasons, travel, world

Throwback Thursday: ready to jump?

Another image taken during my latest trip to Mallorca. Can you smell the sea? Can you fell the sun during on your back? Can you hear the waves rolling in? Not? Close you eyes and try again. Imagine sitting on that cliff and start dreaming. Give yourself a little rest from all the everyday chores. Send you mind on a trip for a couple of minutes and relax.

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610_7850-e2_wSince Monday, June 30th, summer finally is here. During the week we have had temperatures above 30°C with a maximum of 33 – 36°C. Friday morning, I have read in the newspaper about a town nearby. They have trams and in some areas the railroads are embedded into the streets. Because of the heat, the material, used for embedding the trails into the street, became soft and a tram stuck in. What a disaster.

I like these temperatures. But, many other people are mourning about it. I guess, that’s because of all the sudden temperature jumps. Last Sunday 16°C, Monday 30°C. Thus, people don’t have a chance to get used to it.

This morning at about 4:00 a.m. a thunderstorm started and lasted until about 11:00 a.m. While we have had 37.6°C yesterday, we only have had 20°C today. Probably, the temperature will get lower for a few days (or weeks) now, ’till they jump up again.  I few time I heard the sirens of emergency vehicles this morning. I don’t know, if it were ambulances or fire brigades. Maybe a lightning flash enlighten a fire in a house or a tree. Maybe rain flooded a cellar on someone got frightened to death (heart attack) by a thunder.

The hot weather yesterday made me to skip the monthly photographers roundtable, I usually attend on the first Saturday of a month. Because my car stood in the sun the whole day, it’s way too hot inside for a quite longer drive. I would have to drive for an hour and my air-conditioning system is not able to cope with these temperatures. The maximum is the outside temperature. And, that’s still too much to drive concentrated on the motorway. Thus, I stayed at home and sat in the garden.

But, even though I have a photo for you. No, that photo is not from here, where I live. It’s taken on Corfu. It’s the new castle of Corfu town. I went over for taking some photos of the illuminated castle, when out of a sudden a single lightning flash hit the earth while my shutter was open. No further lightning flashes came down that night and only a very few raindrops felt to earth.

Take care and enjoy your summer 🙂