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below the feet

610_4210-e_wBelow the feet, there is an other world. Quite dark, weather independent and very different to the surface of out plant.

Saturday afternoon I met with some other photographers for our monthly photographers roundtable. And, this time we went underground ­čÖé

October 3rd is our national holiday and so all of shops are closed, just like on Sundays. City-centers and shopping malls are empty. Only few people are inside the cities. This gave us the opportunity, to apply for a permission to take photographs on a usually very crowded place: in the subway stations. We got permission for 3 very stylish subway stations.

Despite we were underground instead of enjoying the nature at such a beautiful, warm and sunny afternoon, we were very happy about the locations and that there were only few people.

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culture, photography, travel, world

The Parisian Metro

There is a metro system in Paris, able to bring you to any place of the city. Following the stairs under the ground you’ll find long tunnels with tiled walls. The tunnels are quite light and kind of clean. On some tracks you’re faced with strong cold wind. Others smell a bit strong. Many stairs are on your way down to the platforms, sometimes Continue reading “The Parisian Metro”