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tiny things on the beach

collage_wToday, I have some images taken at a beach. These are the tiny things, lying around everywhere. So, it’s regardless, on which beach exactly I was. But, I tell you. It’s in the north-western Bretagne (Brittany) in France. One of the beaches of Perros-Guirec.

Most people won’t pay attention to these things. They’d collect snail houses or shells and maybe even nice stones. But, for the seaweed, tangle and algae they’d only say eek, jump over them and hope for someone to clean up the beach from them.

They remain, when flood is gone. At low tide (and sometimes even at flood time in higher parts of the beach or in parts of the beach, where neither wind nor the flood itself can remove it again) they lay around with their graphical beauty and decorate the bare beach. Have a closer look to discover the beauty of each of these tiny objects. After a heavier storm you’d find more of these plants on the beach. That’s because the wind had whirled up the water and the streams under the water surface tears down parts of the under water plants or even whole plants. Now, that they are drifting freely in the water, they might be thrown on the beach with the waves and left there, when the water trickles off.

That’s nature. The plants belong to the sea, and thus to the beach also. It’s not dirty or disgusting. OK, I have to admit, having a whole beach full of these, is no fun either. But, they give room for animals to hide, feed others and while living they produce oxygen for us to breath.

OK, my aim wasn’t to write a biological essay on the necessity of seaweed, but to direct your eyes on something underestimated. đŸ™‚

All these images are taken with my cell phone and published at Instagram during the last couple of days, and as well as a Steller story. Non of the objects is decorated. They were put by water and wind in exact these positions.

Expect the collage on top of this post, all images are unedited, even without any of the Instagram filters. So, enjoy the gallery and prepare for your next visit at a beach to have a closer look at the tiny things yourself. Discover the different color and shape of the sand corns and find out, that the sand, also looking like being in a uniform beige color, has different colors, brighter and darker areas right beside each other.

Take care!

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