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Lake Möhne

600_9647-s_wThis artificial lake was built in 1913. It’s a huge artificial lake build for stabilizing the water supply. This birthday was celebrated with an illumination. As a continuation of my last weeks post, I show the photos taken in the afternoon, now.

The photo on the left only shows the overfill basin. The track around Continue reading “Lake Möhne”

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600_9682-e_wLast week I was on a photography trip with a few friends.

The dam at the artificial lake was build 1913. Thus the owner, a water company, celebrates the 100th birthday with an illumination.

You can find a few impressions below.

You can still visit the illumination until Pentecost.

I’ll show a few photos taken during daylight in one of my next posts in parallel to a continuation of the Cuba posts.

Take care!

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