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A short visit in Paris

600_3616-bc_wWhen we were in Fourqueuex for visiting the  Fête Patronale, we had some hours free, to visit Paris. As I wrote in my first post for this trip last Tuesday, we had bad luck with the weather. It was constantly raining during our hours in Paris. But, nevertheless, I was on a walk with my camera. Even the walk was shorter than planed, I have some photos to show.

Some members of our group were shopping at La Fayette or Les Halles, others went to Sacré Coeur and Montmatre  and some sat in a restaurant most of the time.

I was very wet. It was quite warm, so a raincoat wasn’t really necessary to keep one warm. But, because of the rain we needed it. An umbrella comes very unhandy for a photographer. So, I went without my jacket most of the time, when the rain was only slightly drizzling.

At last we had a rest in the Carousel at the Louvre palais. Sitting in a warm and dry space and having a cup of hot coffee. While I had a second cup. my wife and a friend went window shopping and buying some nice gems.

Now, you have the opportunity, to see a bit of Paris too. Take a dry seat, get a cup of coffee, tea or any other drink and enjoy the photos. I crosslinked some of my other posts as a further reference.

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I’m back from France … again

600_3544I was in France last weekend for attending the Fête Patronale (Saint’s day?) in our partner town, near Paris. Here, in my region this kind of religious celebration is unknown, at least for me, even I found at Wikipedia, that is also held in Germany in the major catholic cities.

I was part of the delegation to visit them and we started at Friday morning with a bus and arrived in the early afternoon.

We were welcomed with a drink and in the evening we went for a barbecue with sucklings, fresh veggies and wine (we are in France!).

It was a nice evening, even it started raining slightly. What a pity.

Beside the official speeches and a horn blowers choir, they played music from the wonderful Nolwenn Leroy, a female singer from Brittany. You can find a few of her songs at youtube.  It was a nice evening.

Our Saturday didn’t had an official appointments for us. So, our plan was to have some free hours in Paris. But, during that night our bus was burnt down. Until now, we don’t know, if it was a technical defect or if someone played with fire.  Although, most of us started to the city of Paris by taking the train, instead of the bus and had some nice, but wet, hours. I’ll do a separate post on Paris.

At night we were on the festival again. Enjoying a quit good cover band live on stage. A cover band is a music band playing popular songs from the charts instead of their own songs. Unfortunately it was still raining.

Our last day, the Sunday, began sunny but with fire alarm in our hotel. Fortunately it was a false alarm. Rumors said, two women had smoked in their room.  Now it was time for an official meeting with the city major in the city hall while the festival weekend went on.

We, instead had some free hours again. Time for visiting a french market. I’ll queue a separate post on this market, too.

Sunday afternoon, after the arriving of another bus, we were able to start home again. We arrived save, but late at night.

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Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

dsc_5153-ec_wToday’s assignment for photographers at the daily prompt is: connection.

Stairs connecting levels in a house or also in the streets. They help us to migrate from one level to another. It’s also a synonym for learning, because learning helps to develop another stage or level of education.

This photo is taken in Paris. The stairs will bring you from the Carrousel shopping center  in the underground near the Louvre Palais up to the Tuileries, a large garden behind the palais.

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Trains in France

France is one of our neighbours and We share a long common border. Nevertheless there are so many things much differnent in both countries. Do you remember my post on the cemetry or how to cover a roof? You could also have a look at my posts on Brittany, to see photos of the houses over there.

Now I show you a few trains.

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l’Hôtel des Invalides

I have to admit, I was kind of surprised when arriving at Les Invalides (The National Residence of the Invalids). I expected to visit a church, but arrived at a military museum. So we didn’t enter it and were satisfied to watch it from outside.When visiting a museum, regardless what they are exposing, you need at least half a day to walk around an watch the exhibition.

It’s an impresive building glowing

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Being mobile in Paris

When in Paris and want to come around to see the interesting monument, galleries, shops or what elss is interesting for you, you have to move. You can go by foot, take the bus or the metro or you can take a bike. A bike? Yes!

The Parisian streets are crowdes with cars and pedestrians. The French style

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Standing on a higher gruond

It’s not so easy to get an overview over Paris, even there are no skyscrapers. But the houses are still high enough, to avoid overlooking the city. There are also not hills around Paris, except the Montmarte Hill. So, when standing in front of Sacre Coeur, you can have a good sight over the city. You can also climb up the Eiffeltower.

But I’d recommend going up the only skyscraper of Paris. With around 200m it’s smaller than the Eiffeltower, but you can also see the Eiffeltower. But from where?

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Visiting Louvre Palais

You know, Louvre palace was the city palace of the former French kings (do you remeber Louis XIV, the “Sun King”).

You can’t imagine, how big this palace is. I was really impressed by its size. It’s build like an edgy horse shoe (or a rectangle with one open side). There is a large garden (now a park) at the open side: the Tuilleries. I can really understand,

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The Eiffeltower …

… is definitely the monument in Paris, you think about first, when you hear about that city. And it is true. It dominates the city and is viewable from many sites.

You can watch the tower from a distance or watch it from nearby. You can also watch it from the place located directly under it, because it is standing on four feet and leaving a big square between the feet.

The tower was build

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Visiting Marais

Yeah, it’s kind of interesting. Even it’s not as expected after reading the travel guide. The travel guide told about old city palais but we found narraw alleys with many small shops. The streets were crowed and most of the shops were open even it was a Sunday.

There were also lots of cafés, bars,

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Centre Georges Pompidou

I was really astonished, when I saw it for the first time. It houses a vast public library and the national museum.

It looks more like a modern facory producing chemical products than a house of art and knowledge. Take one or two hours to walk around the huge building and watch the pipe s

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