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I’m back …

610_6791-s_w… from my summer vacation.

I was in France again – even in Brittany again 🙂

I love being at the sea. I love sandy beaches. And I love diversified shorelines. Brittany has all of these – and more!

Brittany is of celtic origin and many names still have their names in the old Brittonic language or have the names onomatopoeic transferred to French.

Street signs usually have the names written in French as well as in Breton, the celtic language of the native people. Despite of the french politic of suppressing Breton and forcing the people to speak French, there are still some people left, being able to communicate in Breton. According to Wikipedia approximately 200,000, that’s app. 2% of the population. Breton is relative to the Cornish and the Welsh languages, once spoken in south-western Britain regions of Cornwall and Wales. Now, there’s a trend to try to educate more pupils in learning Breton again.

Although, this was a vacation and not a photo trip, I have some very nice images for you. But, not today 🙂 Until now, I only have a few of them developed.

My first trip to Brittany, a photo trip, led me to the Côte d’Emeraude. This time I was in the middle of the Côte de Granite Rose. I love the climate here in Brittany as well as the landscapes. Even when it’s hot, it’s no so unbearable hot because of the near ocean. Many, many flowers are blooming in the gardens and beside the roads, pretty nice houses and villages made of raw stone or studwork. Everything is well-shaped and clean. Even tiny villages are decorated with flowers.

We have had an apartment right in the middle of the town, only 150m from the beach, to be able to do much without the need of a car. But, in France summer holiday season is over at August 30th. So, it wasn’t crowded anymore. During the first days we got aware, how summer holiday season looks like during July and August. But, on September 1st everything changes: opening hours of the shops and supermarkets, leisure activities offerings, beach surveillance and so on.

So, here is a small preview, what’s in the pipe :). Enjoy the images in the gallery below and

take care!

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