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Throwback Thursday: crossroads

You know, G+ (Google Plus), the social network set up by Google closed down their gates earlier this month. As many other former G+ user, I created an account at

Members of one of my former G+ groups set up an event to post an image (or more) in advance of the closing which describes tourism feeling about that fact.

Here, you can see my image. The intersection of the railroad track symbolizes for me, the change while the bumper in the back stands for the final end of G+.

Just in case, you’re also at, you could consider adding me 🙂

Take care!

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Throwback Thursday: the smallest street I ever walked along

When I was in Praha back in 2010, I came along these traffic lights.

The traffic lights are for pedestrians. Right next to the lights, there is a button at the wall for people to change the lights from red to green. This is necessary, because the street is so narrow, that no two persons are able to pass each other when in the street. Even kids are unable to do so. So, the traffic lights are really a necessity.

Take care!

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Finally I’m ready …

… with the photos taken in Prague.
Currently I’m looking for a platform to show them, because my other gallery is unable to handle so many pictures at once and it would last several weeks to upload them all. 😦

Here you can find a selection of them. Feel free, to drop me a note.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally I can say, Prague is worth a visit not only from a photographers point of view.

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I’m back from …. Prague

For the last 4 days I was in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.
I flew with with 6 friends on Friday early morning from Düsseldorf and about an hour later we landed in Prague. We had wonderful warm (nearly hot) weather and enjoyed shooting in the city.

Most of the photographs I’ve taken, are still in my camera. But here’s a little preview for you.