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a rolling museum


During summer, this steam train rolls along an old track.

Once, this track was used to connect coal mines and steel plants with the industrial inland harbor from where the steel plants got the ore and the coal mined sent the coal. For several decades the track was closed, when a railroad museum got the idea to send one on their steam trains on the track again.

During summer you can meet the train on track at the first Sunday of the month. Additional driving days are in winter around St. Nick (Dec. 6th)

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architecture, culture, history, landscape, people, technical, travel, world

More on Hershey railroads

600_4857-e_wHershey not only has a railway station. The plantations and the factories needed an easy way to bring all the products to the harbor to ship them to the USA, and thus the Hershey company also has had a railroad. On the former factory site, also was an engine shed and halls for repairing locomotives and waggons.  Here you can find some old wrecks, ugly in the landscape, but nice subjects to photograph. See, how nature strikes back and conquers the land, while animals build their homes in them.

Have fun!

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architecture, culture, history, landscape, people, technical, travel, world

Next stop: Hershey

600_4817-e_wNext stop … where?

In case, you’re from the US, you might know Hershey chocolate and you’re right. This village is built by the Hershey company for their cocoa plantation workers. You can find everything people need: a church, a kindergarten, a cinema, many houses and big factories. As a result of the Cuban revolution in the late 1950s, when all the foreigners were banned, the factories became abandoned and tumbled down.

There was also a railway to bring the cacao as quick as possible to the coast to be shipped to the USA. The railway is still in place and one of the last railroads with electrical power. We were supposed to go on a ride, but because of bad luck on that day the had some problems with the electrical power, so the train we were supposed to take had to be canceled.

Nevertheless, here are some photos Hershey Central. Next week, I’ll show you some photos of the village.

Have fun!

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