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Throwback Thursday: What a fall!

Usually, in fall birds migrate to the warmer south. They come in early spring and start mating, nest-building and raising their fledglings. During the mating season you can hear them singing from before sunrise ’til late night (nightingales). Some time later, you won’t hear as many birds singing anymore: everyone found a partner and both are very busy with their breeding business and feeding their fledglings. So, there’s no time (and power) for wasting time for singing. They also don’t need to attract a partner or to run rivals away anymore. So, the hot summer does not have much of bird singing (chirping of the cicadas and mosquito buzzing are the voices of summer instead). In fall, the insects die because of the much colder nights and the birds migrate to the south. So, the sounds of fall are the wind and the swirling colorful leaves.

Until mid September nature followed this general plan. The temperatures touched even the freezing point. But, in October the temperatures increased again and reached even 27°C! Wow!! A warm golden October isn’t a rare condition. But that high temperatures are kind of unique. It’s reported, that the temperatures were the highest since recording of the weather conditions. Here, we have wonderful summerly weather with drying out rivers, lakes and ponds, while other parts of Southern Europe (i.e. Mallorca and South France) are drowning and parts of Portugal are fighting against a strong hurricane.

Three years ago, we suffered from the other extreme: heavy snowfalls in October, when the trees were not prepared for carrying that extra load. While still equipped with nearly all of the leaves the snow was a heavy burden for them and many trees broke down under the weight.

As I said, the year is different. In October suddenly you could hear birds singing everywhere. It seemed like spring has already started. I guess, the remaining birds were confused by the increasing temperatures and were thinking, winter would already be over.

I also wish, winter would be over. But, unfortunately it will start soon (in about 6 weeks) and last until end of March.

Take care!