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chasing the moon

610_3078-e_wYesterday evening I was out for chasing the supermoon. A clear sky and a moonrise shortly before sunset proposed a good view. Thus, I went uphill to the south and keep the big city in my back.

I arrived about half an hour before sunset to look for a good spot and used the opportunity to get some sunset images. The opposite side, where the moon rises, was not in that good shape ūüė¶

A thin layer of clouds and dust-covered the moon constantly. The snap in the gallery is the best possible shot ūüė¶ You can recognize a slight light corona around the moon. That’s the reflection and distortion of the moonlight ins this cloudy layer.

But, the sunset images are the compensation. The clouds were a perfect canvas for the setting sun to paint wonderful colors in the sky.


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At the flea market

600_0057_wTwice a year our town organizes a huge flea market in the inner area of the town. A few streets are closed and two big squares, usually used as parking ground, too. One sunday in May and one in October, I already  told about. It usually start officially at 6 a.m., but unofficially at 3 a.m.

In case, you want to make a bargain buy, you have to go very early. At least, before breakfast.

As you can see, I wasn’t¬†so early at the market. But, I was there only for watching and for taking photographs. All I bought was an old leather suitcase to be used as a decoration for my people photography. My kids were lucky enough to find two 17″ LCD computer monitors as a replacement for their very old 15″ (1024×768) ones with display errors for only 10 and 17‚ā¨¬† although they are rather young and made by Acer and Samsung. My wife bought a few things she could use for her memory work as a dementia attendant. As well as A4 prints of some of my photos.

The gallery at the end of this post ist quite large this time, because I want to give you an impression, what kind of stuff you can expect to find on a ‘good’ flea market. There are also some specialised kind of flea markets around, where you can i.e. find only books or computer parts or kids toys or car accessories (you got the idea).

Take care!

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In the old town


In my post last Tuesday I told about my walk in the park around the chateau. Today I continue that post by talking about the remaining time spent in the old town.

The town was founded back in the 9th century. Although it is that old there aren’t any remaining buildings from the medieval ages. Old documents show, that 1085 the first church existed. After several fires many parts of the town were destroyed. Even the church had to be rebuilt more than once. The current church was build back in 1842.

Once the town has had a surrounding wall. Today you can see remaining parts of the wall only in a short sequence, where it is used as a cellar wall of a house and in the names of two streets near the protestant church called (translated to english) upper wall street and lower wall street.

In the photo above you can see the two towers of the protestant church, the Christ Church. The catholic church, named after the virgin Maria, is not far away, but not in the photo. I guess, I’ll donate an own post for both churches, soon.

Have fun!

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Weekend wanderings

600_4325-e_wOn Saturday we had a wonderful warm and sunny late summer / early fall morning. That was a good opportunity to get my camera and have a walk in the park around the little chateau and afterwards in our old town.

In this first of two posts I have the photos taken at the chateau. Its roots are a medieval moated castle, built for safeguard merchant streets.

The oldest notes in official documents are dated back in the 14th century. That’s because two important merchant streets crossed here. The last private owner died back in 1962, so it’s owned by the city government now.

Today, there is a museum for local history and the city’s wedding room located in the chateau. ¬†The moat still exists, although it’s quite hard, to keep it clean. Such a small standing water is always in risk to silt or to begin to stink.

The park is used by dog owners to walk their dogs or to promenade. In the lower part, there is a big playground with sandboxes, climbing frames, swings and a  ball games playground. On the other side of the park, there is a hospital.

Have fun!

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I’m back from France … again

600_3544I was in France last weekend for attending the¬†F√™te Patronale (Saint’s day?) in our partner town, near Paris. Here, in my region this kind of religious celebration is unknown, at least for me, even I found at Wikipedia, that is also held in Germany in the major catholic cities.

I was part of the delegation to visit them and we started at Friday morning with a bus and arrived in the early afternoon.

We were welcomed with a drink and in the evening we went for a barbecue with sucklings, fresh veggies and wine (we are in France!).

It was a nice evening, even it started raining slightly. What a pity.

Beside the official speeches and a horn blowers choir, they played music from the wonderful Nolwenn Leroy, a female singer from Brittany. You can find a few of her songs at youtube.  It was a nice evening.

Our Saturday didn’t had an official appointments for us. So, our plan was to have some free hours in Paris. But, during that night our bus was burnt down. Until now, we don’t know, if it was a technical defect or if someone played with fire. ¬†Although, most of us started to the city of Paris by taking the train, instead of the bus and had some nice, but wet, hours. I’ll do a separate post on Paris.

At night we were on the festival again. Enjoying a quit good cover band live on stage. A cover band is a music band playing popular songs from the charts instead of their own songs. Unfortunately it was still raining.

Our last day, the Sunday, began sunny but with fire alarm in our hotel. Fortunately it was a false alarm. Rumors said, two women had smoked in their room.  Now it was time for an official meeting with the city major in the city hall while the festival weekend went on.

We, instead had some free hours again. Time for visiting a french market. I’ll queue a separate post on this market, too.

Sunday afternoon, after the arriving of another bus, we were able to start home again. We arrived save, but late at night.