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Throwback Thursday: below the sea level

You’re wondering about the title of this post? 🙂 At low tide I’m standing on the ground of the sea in Brittany and pointing my camera upwards. On this rock (and similar to the other rocks around) you can see many, many common or  blue mussels. They are eatable. Therefore they are i.e. cooked in white wine.

Take care!

art, landscape, nature, photography, travel, world

Monochrome Monday 5-23

What an amazing surf! When we got out of the cars, we ware able to see the spray. The coast is nearly 1,5 km (0.9 miles) from the parking ground. After about half an hour walk, we stood at the beach – what a panorama. Not much wind, but enormous waves and vast mountains of spray. I’ll show you some more images soon.

Stay tuned!