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Finally I got my computer back working. I’m glad, even it was a huge amount of work to be done. But I’m ready.
First I set up using a Windows 7 DVD. Then I installed all the necessary drivers. I wonder, why do the manufacturers modify the used chips for having to use the manufacturers drivers instead of the issuer ones. I.e. Acer used chips made by Intel for Network, WLAN and video, but I’m unable to install the matching drivers issued by Intel for these chips. Instead I have to use the modified drivers issued by Acer, even they are unchanged sind 2009.

Next I installed all my software. This lasts more than a week. – Wasted time! – And at last I installed the printer drivers. I have printers made by HP. HP has very good printers. The cartridges last for a long time and are quite cheap (compared to other brands) when it comes to buy a replacement, because the toner is used up. They also have an excellent printing quality, but what I really hate, is the low quality of HP printer driver setup programs.

At first it’s quite hard to find them for download at their confusing and unclear website and next the installer has several problems to integrate the drivers into Windows. I’s annoying. In the old times Microsoft used to integrate basic drivers for nearly all popular printers and it was always OK to uses them instead of the manufacturer ones. But nowadays there are only a few drivers available from Microsoft and you have to install the manufacturers drivers to get your printer working. ūüė¶

Do they have a quality check for their software at HP? I don’t think so.

At last dismounted the hard disk to put it in an other computer for creating an initial image as a backup. You know, the imaging software was unable to run with the Acer.

After mounting the hard disk back into the Acer, I copied back all my data. pooh.

Now I only have to reconfigure my backup.

This was my first disaster since I started with my first computer back in 1983. But even it was a disaster, I didn’t loose any of my data. So, I really recommend a functional backup strategy. I guess, I’ll post some considerations on making a backup in one of my next posts.

Stay tuned!


A tip for you: write down a list of all software you use on your computer and all the drivers right now, while your computer is in quite good shape. Don’t forget to write on your list the distribution media (i.e. download or CD/DVD) and the serial number you’d need for setup. This will help you to set up your computer much quicker, when in a similar situation or when buying a new one.

Think about, buying a dedicated usb storage just for this purpose and put at least the software list, all serials, all drivers  and the downloaded software onto it. Especially the network drivers are essential.