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Throwback Thursday: “Lisbon”

wow, I’m coming closer to the bottom of my backlog. The pile of undeveloped images decreases. Last week, I finished another big folder. That folder contained the images taken during the carnival escape in Lisbon from February 2015 😳😲! Seven years!

During our stay, I already developed a handful of images, but the majority was only moved to the to-be-done disk.

When I walked now through my images to decide which to develop, many memories came back.

  1. old architecture, Art Deco, tiled facades, tile decorations
  2. many narrow cobblestone roads
  3. trams everywhere
  4. a lot of amazing street art

In the past, I already published a few images. But in the future, you can expect more. For now, I have one of the most amazing images. Not because it shows one of the topics mentioned above. But, because of the selection of products for sale in the shop.

I know i.e. butchers, bakeries, milkmen, as well as shops selling shoes, clothing, wine, beverages, tracking or sports equipment, or shops offering only products of a certain brand. But, I’ve never seen shops before selling only gloves! Or another one selling only oil sardines, a specific kind of canned fish.

It’s not a tiny shop. But, the only product they offer is canned fish. Amazing!

Take care!

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #76 – on display

It’s time for Lens-Artists photo challenge. This week’s challenge is “on display” by Amy.

During the pre-Christmas time, all shop-owners want to sell as much as possible to make some profit. Thus, they decorate their goods in the windows of their shops as well as in the inside. Additionally, they try to attract possible customers with special (so-called rebates) discounts. But, they simply try to sell as much as possible.

When looking in my archive for a good image, I first scanned the folders containing images taken on different markets in France and Barcelona. But, I ended with this image taken in the Galeries LaFayette in Paris a few years ago. It’s taken in the basement in the perfumery department for ladies. These flacons contain a kind of fragrance. I liked the kind they were decorated.

Take care!

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Buying food

600_5375-e_wYou won’t find supermarkets in Cuba, but small stores and mobile sellers for fresh products. Basic food like rice, milk, cheese and so on you can get only in shops operated by the government. Cuba still have food ration cards with dedicated buying limits for each person. Each food ration card is valid only in one dedicated shop (usually located just around the corner, or at least nearby). Water can be used directly from the pipe, but tourist better use bottled water, because they might get problems from the water even it is good. Tourists always can use it for teeth cleaning without hesitation.

Gas stations sell ice cream, water, beer and so on, Continue reading “Buying food”