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at a cuban public bath

600_7376-s_wWhat do you think, do they have public baths in Cuba? And if so, how do you think they look like?

As I mentioned before, Cuba is a modern country with stadiums and swimming arenas in the big cities, but how about the rural areas?

After paying your entrance fee you can have a nice afternoon swimming in the clean, fresh and cool water of a river surrounded by shadowing trees, some picnics places and even toilets. So, everything is available for a nice pause from your daily routine.

Although we were here during the dry season, there was enough water in the river, to be able to swim in the ponts and to have a shower in (small) waterfalls.


And, while having your rest and waiting for my next post, you might recheck the past posts on Cuba here in my blog. Take care!

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European terrapin


A few week ago I got the opportunity to observe these turtles. OK, turtles are not that exciting, but I kind of like them.

Currently we have summer here in the northern hemisphere and luckily it’s really hot. Reptiles, and turtles are reptiles, need a warm or hot environment to be able to move. In the morning they need the sun to get warmed up and reach a proper operating temperature. So, currently they’d feel well at our current temperature around 26 – 36 ° C.

Happy summer 🙂