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A little break …

600_5345-e_w… on the beach. A lazy afternoon in the sun.

When in the Caribbean you have to go to the beach. In this time of the year, the beaches aren’t crowded. That’s because the locals don’t go to the beach during “winter”. Winter in the Caribbean? Are you kidding? No, I’m not. Although it was quite hot for me in February and March, the Cubans are used to much higher temperatures. So, they don’t go to the beach in this time of the year. But, they don’t call this time “winter”. It’s the dry season.

These photos are taken at the Trinidad beach. You can also find some hotels here, at the beach.

A few food dealers were walking around, trying to sell pastries, coconuts or drinks basing on rum (remember, we’re in Cuba). As I mentioned earlier, these people were not pushy. They were coming up slowly after a while for offering their products. After rejecting their offer politely, they always went back and left us alone.


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A little bit more on Trinidad

600_5252-s_wIn Trinidad you can still find houses built in the 17th and 18th century. You can easily distinguish between these houses: the houses built in the 17th century have wooden window gratings, while the window gratings at houses built in the 18th century are made of metal.

Another interesting thing is the good optical shape of the houses. The government grants the colorful painting to the house owners for i.e. good work (a reward system idea in communistic systems). But, here it works. As you can see, nearly all houses in the old town of Trinidad (and also in the other cities I visited) the houses are in good shape.


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Being in Trinidad

600_5201-s_wYes, I’m still in Cuba, even there is an island and an independent country with this name.

Trinidad is a quite old city, founded 1514 by the spanish colonists. It’s located at the west coasts in the middle part of Cuba. Trinidad lost its importance, when Cienfuegos grew, because Cienfuegos was founded at the ocean and got a harbour, while Trinidad is in the hills and approximately 10 km away from the ocean. Despite this distance, Trinidad was raided by pirates three times. (Do you remember the hollywood movies “Pirates of the Caribbean”?)

Trinidad was the 3rd city con Cuba and the spanish conquistadores started their conquest of Mexico here. Although the hope of finding gold in the hills didn’t become true, the city became very rich from growing sugar cane and the slave trade.

An interesting prove of the wealth of Trinidad is the pavement. All the stones used for covering the streets in the old town were imported from west africa and not taken from local stone pits!

Take care!

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