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Monochrome Madness 2-15


Currently, I’m developing my photos taken on Corfu. And, every now and then, I stumble over an image that might look great in monochrome. Just like the one above chosen for this weeks issue of Monochrome Madness by Leanne Cole.

First of all, I make all my usual adjustments to a raw file: white-balance, color-balance, balancing the horizon, lightening the darks and sharpening. Finally saving the edited file with all layers and export it to jpeg.

In the case I feel an image might look good in monochrome, I switch to monochrome mode in my raw development tool for a sneak preview to check, if it would look great in monochrome. Just in case, this preview looks great, I do another export. But, this time I choose tiff for my export image format. That’s because I want to preserve all information in the image. This tiff file is the source for my monochrome conversion.

Most of my monochrome images are created by using Tonality Pro by MacPhun. Sometimes I use it as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, but most times I simply use it as the standalone version. Even the standalone version is capable to work with layers, similar to Photoshop. And, so I develop several parts of a monochrome image differently.

Just in case, you didn’t have tried Tonality Pro, I’d encourage you to download the trial version and give it a try.

Take care!

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Discovering Hershey

600_4844-e_wAs I mentioned in my last post, Hershey was founded to give a home to the workers working at the plantations and in the factories, producing chocolate and sugar from the plants.  Even the village exists and it seems still inhabited, it was extremely quiet. It seemed to me like visiting a ghost town. No sound but the soft wind. No dirt, but clean streets. Many houses with open front doors, but no-one sitting in the rocking chair at the porch. A really huge kindergarten or preschool playground with swings, carousels, garden beds, but no kids. Very strange! I only saw an elderly woman  at the church.

In the background of the above photo you can see the smoke pipes of the old factories.

But have you own look:

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