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psychedelic dreams

Today’s post something very special. I’m not only a travel and landscape photographer. I’m also a portrait and wedding photographer. But most of those jobs are private. So, you haven’t seen any of them here. But every now and then I also work with a model for theme shootings.

This photo was taken at such a theme photo shooting and finally I edited it quite hard, as you can easily see. I’m very curious for you opinions and feeling regarding the photo. I know, not everyone will like it, but I’m really interested in your opinions. The cover is inspired by the 1960s and early 1970s, when the flower power and hippie movement  was on its summit and psychedelic rock came up.

Sometimes I create fake magazine covers for the models. This time got inspired by Leanne Cole to create a vinyl record cover, that aims to have been stuck in the tight record box for a long time. Leanne Cole is an Australian photographer and has started working with textures a few weeks ago. While working with certain textures she is able to create a very special mood in her photographs.