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And winter came

Thursday before last we got some snow for the first time this season. But, it does not stay long in the morning, despite it was a few cm thick on the ground.

Last Friday night (only about 48 hour ago) it began to snow again. Snow felt down the whole night and the whole morning. Getting the snow away from the gateway needed about an hour. And it didn’t stop snowing until now (Sunday afternoon 16:00h). Sometimes like a snowstorm, sometimes like a fine powder. Many kids home for a white Christmas, now.

But, the temperatures are still around the freezing point (0°C) and the forecast proposes +6-8°C for Tuesday. So, the winter wonderland won’t last for long, I guess, because, the snow will turn to rain and the already fallen snow will melt.

For our state, the traffic news, announced more than 250 km of traffic jam only on the motorways. The railways are hindered by the snow, too. (Winter always comes as an unforeseen surprise). Better, to stay at home in the warm.

Image taken with my smartphone and edited with Luminar 2018.

Take care!


Thunderstorm results

While I wrote yesterday about my assumptions on emergency missions for fire brigades, I now have confirmation by the newspapers and the news on TV for nearly the whole country. Many trees were broken by the storms with speeds up to 133 km/h. Several tornadoes have been running over the land. Railroad tracks were hit by fallen trees. Broken trees have to be removed from the tracks and the electric overhead wiring has to be repaired. Hail storms with huge hailstones – up to 9 cm diameter in one region – destroyed many cars, roofs and roof-lights. Several people, horses and cows died outside, because of lightning strokes.Some streeets and cellars were overflooded from the heavy rain. All these storms lasted until Sunday night.

And today: only 15°C, but dry and sunny.

But, now the air humidity is very high and the air inside the houses is muggy. It will last several days to cool the houses down again.

The forecast says, it will become hot again. And Wednesday evening the next thunderstorm is expected to arrive.

It seems to me, the monsoon belt moves way north 😦 because of the global climatic changes.

Until now, we only got 3 days when we were able to sit outside until at least 10 p.m. Is this a summer? No, I don’t think so. 😦

Take care!

Btw. the ‘official’ temerature record was 40.3°C (104.54°F)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: adventure

600_5908-ec_wThe photo challenge at The Daily Post is called “adventure” this week.

What does adventure mean? Is it the challenging crowd in a mega city? Or is it covering the wilderness? Maybe it is something you haven’t done before.

Here you can see three guys on a hike upwards in the icelandic mountains. Look on the pebbles on the ground, look on the landscape, look on the weather, look on your equipment, food and water.  And, don’t forget the time.

Each adventurer has to plan his or her trip very carefully to came back in good shape. So, you too.

Take care!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: dialogue

600_8339-cf_wThe photo challenge at The Daily Post is called “dialogue” this week.

The idea is, to set two photos in a connection. This might be the same color, the same subject from different angles or two different photos having a certain  connection.

I’ve chosen, to take two photos with a “before and after” or “then and now” connection. You can see a photo taken two days ago: 2 apples in an apple tree. The other photos is taken back in April and is showing the blossoms at the same tree. So, here you have a then and now connection.

Enjoy the harvest time 🙂




Take care!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: fray

dsc_7489-e_wThe photo challenge at The Daily Post is called “fray” this week. What a contrast to last weeks theme.

I looked it up in a dictionary and found its meaning to be ‘fight in meaning of a battle’ or ‘fighting against adverse conditions’ and as well ‘damaged’ or ‘scraggly’.

I picked out a fight. A fight between the powers of nature: a heavy thunderstorm on the ocean. Luckily in a distance, for not endanger us. But, I love such a dramatic sky.

Take care!